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Proprioception vs Balance

Proprioception is the awareness and control of the limb in space.

It is the ability too eccentrically control. It is all about deceleration.

Balance is the ability to keep the center of gravity within the base.

Ex: Stand on a BOSU and maintain an upright posture, this is balance.

Standing on a BOSU and moving it with control (back/forth/circle/right/left) and maintaining balance is developing proprioception.

The two interact but they are not the same, just because you can balance dos not mean you have good proprioception.

Proprioception is the body’s ability to transmit a sense of position, analyze that information and react (consciously or unconsciously) to the stimulation with the proper movement. *(ability to know where the body is without having to look).

Proprioception requires progression, just as improving strength and endurance does.

Proprioceptors consist of both sensory and motor nerves that send, receive impulses to and from the central nervous system from stimuli within the muscles, joints, skin, tendons. These impulses transmit vital important information to these areas. Proprioception exercises teach the body to react appropriately to changes.

Clients must maintain good posture or spinal/pelvis alignment during each movement should not be allowed to compensate using other parts of the body.

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