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About Core Performance

Core Performance PRF - Is a specialized studio for Pilates, post rehab corrective and functional training in Brighton, Michigan. Serving the greater Metro Detroit and Ann Arbor areas. We are a studio for clients who desire a body that has core strength, endurance-strength, stability of their joints and a solid foundation of their skeletal system.

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Understanding the Core:

Strengthening your foundation 

Muscular Imbalance:

Creating symmetry of muscles for correct function

Creating symmetry of muscles for correct function


Strengthening the transversus abdominins before your 6 pack

Owner Sue Stevenson started as a fitness instructor 25 years ago, becoming a personal trainer in 1993 and pilates instructor 1999. 

While most of her education was through fitness organizations and college. The most valuable educations was "hands on" experience. 


After a personal injuring rupturing a disc in the lumbar area of the spine and being diagnosed with Degenerative Disc Disease in 1997, doctors suggested she quit exercising before two more disc ruptured. Since fitness was her life and education told her otherwise, she knew she needed to investigate other ways to strengthen in non-traditional (gym) ways. 

Discovering Stott Pilates was the next major influence in her career. With her background in kinesiology and the principles of Stott Pilates, she found the perfect way to work out and strengthen her spine from re-injury. 

"It's not about building mass, its about correcting muscles imbalances that cause the bone structure to work improperly".

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