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Core Performance is a specialized studio for pilates, post rehab corrective and functional training for clients who desire a body that has core strength, endurance, stability of their joints and a solid foundation of their skeletal system. 

Our programs are committed to providing expert care and education designed to restore optimal function to the body with a full body approach. 

Personal Training:

(Call to Schedule) 810-923-7786

One on One (individual) - committed to 1-2 sessions weekly

$75/hr individual (Discount price in pkg of 8-12) 

Duet - 2 Individuals committed to 1-2 sessions weekly

$80/hr individual (Discount price in pkg of 8-12) 

SGPT - Small group personal training in groups of 4 individuals committed to 2x a week for 8-12 weeks in duration.

$25/hr $400 for 16 sessions (8 weeks), $600 for 24 sessions (12 weeks) - Discount pricing paid in advance.

Core Training Classes:  

Coreboard: Core training and stabilization techniques with spring tension.

Coreboard/Mat: Core training with stabilization techniques using spring resistance combining with mat pilates exercise.

Core Circuit: Core training with pilates equipment and weight training intervals. 

Coreboard Back Care: Core training with stabilization techniques, strengthening the back and core for rehab. 

Suspension Training: Suspension training for core strength and stabilization of the spine, pelvis and shoulders using your own body weight. 

Class Prices 

Single Class - $15.00

Package of 4 - $60.00

Package of 8 - $120.00

Package of 12 - $180.00

Package of 16 - $240.00

Package of 24 - $360.00

(Packages only available in person) 


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